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The Idea Warehouse

August 7, 2013

I’m going to my first Studio Art Quilt Associates meeting this weekend. We’re supposed to bring something – one thing – that illustrates our quilting style. That is a more complicated assignment than you might realize.


I could bring a work-in-progress, such as this vase I’m making from some fabric my friend Margaret Misegades gave me.


Lani Longshore vase pieces


I could bring a work-currently-abandoned-but-not-forgotten, such as the quilt book my friend Ann Anastasio and I started to write.


Lani Longshore face designs


I could also bring one of the many storage units tucked around my studio holding notes and ideas for future projects.


Lani Longshore shelf


You get the idea. As prolific a quilter as I like to believe I am, there are stacks of books, fabrics, notions and sketches all around my studio. It is a the place ideas go to hide, to party, to have a mid-life crisis and emerge as something entirely new. Define my style? Wait, I’ve got some notes on that –


Lani Longshore file





A New Beginning and Almost an End

January 11, 2012

The office supply store near my house was having a sale, and I needed a new printer cartridge. That’s how it always starts, doesn’t it? A simple errand, a chance to save a little money, then – well, it’s hard to say what happened then because the story is still in progress.

Here’s where we are so far – I went to the store, found the cartridge I needed, and a new pocket calendar. I also found a really cute red notebook on the clearance table and a presentation folder with pink inserts and a frosted white cover. Don’t remind me that I already have a dozen cute notebooks, and that I haven’t made a presentation in years. I continued trolling the aisles looking for sale-priced cute stuff. Then I found a portable file box:

That evil little voice inside my head that got my sewing room into the mess it is now whispered, “If you buy this, you can finally organize the stacks of pages you’ve torn out of magazines for new projects.” I told myself if it didn’t fit into the basket I picked up at the front of the store (instead of getting a wheeled cart – I know my own weaknesses, even when I’m powerless to fight them) I wouldn’t buy it. It fit. I bought it. And some cute maroon hanging files. I refrained from getting cute folders because I remembered that I have some at home.

In my defense, I did go through a stack of magazine pages, pitched the ones for contests that I didn’t enter, and organized the rest. Don’t ask how many stacks I have left to organize. Also, don’t ask where I’m going to put the file box because there really isn’t any place not covered with piles.

I did (almost) finish my sister-in-law’s stadium bag. There are three remaining tasks – decide how I’m going to attach the bottom, decide where I’m going to attach a carrying strap, and decide how I’m going to stiffen the sides of the bottom so it won’t collapse. The zipper that I bought for the bottom is (a) too short, (b) lacking a crucial piece of hardware to make it a separating zipper, and (c) not waterproof. Also, I’m really not great with zippers and although the one on the coat part went in mostly okay I don’t want to push my luck.

So, I’m rapidly talking myself into attaching the bottom to the coat with velcro, making it detachable. Here’s the stadium bag in pieces:

Me in bag, holding the bottom section


Sitting, with feet in bottom section

Then all that’s left is the carrying strap and the stiffening, both of which will require a bit more thought. But I’m seeing the finish line, and that makes me happy. Almost happy enough to sort through another stack.