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February 27, 2013

The pile of leftovers from the vase project reached critical mass. There was no avoiding an explosion unless I made something different this week. There was also no obvious best choice for the next project, so I grabbed what was on top and put some cording around it.

vase fabric sculpture

I like the shapes of the pieces that remained from my first (failed) vase. I also like the little slot that was created when I stopped sewing two sides together to wind another bobbin and started sewing an inch further down than I should have. I’ll sew some buttons, large beads or jewelry fragments on this piece and loop the ribbon around it.

The next bits turned into a non-functional votive holder.

spirit house votive holder

I had thought this would be a functional votive holder, but the fire risk is too high. That’s when I added the roof, just to make it clear that one really should not light the candle.

As I was congratulating myself on repurposing the debris on my sewing table, I noticed some leftover blue embroidery floss. The floss matched my blue socks, which had a hole in the toe. Then I noticed an old wooden egg that never made it to Easter Egg status, and I realized I could save my collection of socks that go so well with my jeans.

darning kit

I have a decorative tin box – all that remains of a gift of dark chocolate and peppermint candy – which will now become my darning box. I’m not sure the box will fit in my sock drawer, but that’s a problem for another day. Now is the time to celebrate getting some things off the sewing table.





February 20, 2013

Yes, more fabric vases. I found the right combination of darts and gathers to make the vase curve.

It curves!

It curves!

Cutting a wedge and satin-stitching the edges together gave me a much smoother curve.

Cutting wedges makes a smooth interior, too.

Cutting wedges makes a smooth interior, too.

Eight wedges are needed, and they’re bigger than you might expect:

wedge from fabric vase

The vase puckers a smidge when gathered. I’ll cut slightly larger wedges for future vases, but I have the essentials down. Now to look for embellishments.

Gathered, not beaded

Gathered, not beaded



February 6, 2013

I finally made it into the sewing room to work on fabric sculpture. Vases, boxes and bowls were first on the list. My last attempts were successful, and I was feeling confident. Cue the irony gods laughing. This is what I wanted to replicate in fabric:

short round vase

This is what I started with:

fabric collection

This is what emerged from the sewing machine:


Oy. The moral of the story is confidence will only take you so far. Tomorrow I’ll start again with a different approach, and I’ll sew until I get the shape I want. As for the failed experiment, I’ll keep it around and play with it. Who knows what it might turn into with the right beads – or combination of scissor snips?