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When You Inherit Fabric

November 29, 2017

Being a quilter is a little bit like being a crazy cat lady. There’s always one more cutie that needs a good home, so you open the door and say, “Come on in! We’ll find a corner for you someplace.” The problem is when you go to that Great Fabric Store In The Sky someone else has to find a new home for your treasures. I’ve inherited a little bit of fabric from relatives, but a lot more from other people’s relatives. I don’t feel bound to finish someone else’s project, but I do enjoy seeing if I can be inspired by it.

My friend Sue Waldron gave me a small bag of fabric cut and ready to make pins. I actually intended to make a few, but when I looked through the bag some of the pieces whispered, “Say, wouldn’t we make great miniature beading pieces instead?” So that’s what they’re becoming.

Pretty fabric, beads, and black felt – what could be easier?

This turquoise one wanted to be minimalist. A disc and a few beads and snap! We’re done.

How fortunate to have beads that match the green stripe!

This one begged for a little loop. It might be begging for a fringe or a tassel, but I’m not sure. It could be the extra piece of chocolate-cherry trifle I ate talking and not the art piece.

Still in progress

This one is a little shy. I used a variegated thread to attach the silk to the black felt, then put down a squiggle of beads. It needs another squiggle or two, but after that, who knows. I’ll have to listen a little more carefully, and avoid overindulging in cherry-chocolate trifle.

Luck and wisdom!

The Idea Warehouse

August 7, 2013

I’m going to my first Studio Art Quilt Associates meeting this weekend. We’re supposed to bring something – one thing – that illustrates our quilting style. That is a more complicated assignment than you might realize.


I could bring a work-in-progress, such as this vase I’m making from some fabric my friend Margaret Misegades gave me.


Lani Longshore vase pieces


I could bring a work-currently-abandoned-but-not-forgotten, such as the quilt book my friend Ann Anastasio and I started to write.


Lani Longshore face designs


I could also bring one of the many storage units tucked around my studio holding notes and ideas for future projects.


Lani Longshore shelf


You get the idea. As prolific a quilter as I like to believe I am, there are stacks of books, fabrics, notions and sketches all around my studio. It is a the place ideas go to hide, to party, to have a mid-life crisis and emerge as something entirely new. Define my style? Wait, I’ve got some notes on that –


Lani Longshore file






October 10, 2012

My to-do list has many items yet to be crossed off, but I am smiling all the same. The Challenge Group meeting was yesterday and my projects were finished. Even better, this project was for charity so I don’t have to find a place in the house to put them.

The assignment was presented by Shari Wentz, whose husband Don is the photographer for a group of doctors and dentists affiliated with Alliance for Smiles. Every year Don’s Rotary Club auctions items from around the world to raise money to fund another trip overseas to fix cleft palates for children and adults in developing countries who cannot afford the surgery. While Don was with a group in Cameroon, he brought back fabric for Shari, who gave it to us to use:


Shari and her quilt



Janet and her clutch purse


Jan and her table runner


Dorothy’s pillow and wall-hanging

These are only some of the items. We all agreed that if the auction were open to the public we would probably be bidding on them ourselves, but that isn’t the case. All the same, we also agreed this was a great assignment. Who knows, we might be making more items for charity in the future – and this time we’ll make sure we can bid on them.