Endings And Beginnings

The week between Christmas and New Year is always one of leftovers. Leftover food, leftover projects, leftover ambitions – it all collects in corners around the room, taunting me. Yes, January 1 is just a day, bracketed by a yesterday and a tomorrow, but I always feel I should justify what I drag with me into the beginning of a new set of to-do lists.

Although my current novel-in-progress isn’t set in January, it does occur to me that I am missing a wonderful tool for character development by not considering what my imaginary friends take with them from one year to the next. Do they save their calendars? Do they update their resolutions lists? Do they clean the house, shop for new socks and underwear, or finish the book on their bedside table before they celebrate? And what do your characters do?

Luck and wisdom!