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Empty Boxes

January 30, 2013

For the first time since September, I have empty boxes. No, not here:

sewing room

The empty boxes are on my calendar.


Of course, that won’t last. Just yesterday I agreed to take the lead on writing a grant proposal. It’s due March 1. Nevertheless, I have no pressing deadlines this week.

The reason I have a few free days is that I am finished with the manuscript for When Chenille Is Not Enough, the sequel to Death By Chenille.

The manuscript is finished!

The manuscript is finished!

I vowed to have it finished by January so we could get it to the printers in time for its unveiling in April at theĀ SAQA conference in Santa Fe, which is the weekend before Art Quilt Santa Fe. Until my co-author Ann Anastasio gets back to me with her edits, I can focus on other things.

Yesterday, I focused on the sewing room. I cut kits, cut scraps, and put fabric away. This morning I consolidated two boxes, freeing up one whole cubby for embroidery projects. I’d sing about how great I feel, but I don’t want the efficiency gods to think I’m getting uppity. They can be so petty. Still, I’m going to relish the joy for as long as I can.

I might even have time to bake some cookies to celebrate Ground Hog Day.


Unexpected Efficiency

July 20, 2011

Other obligations kept me out of the sewing room until Sunday. I dreaded going in and not being able to remember what I planned to do next, but an amazing thing happened – I got things done. In fact, I finished making kits for this week’s quilting class early. Then I attacked the technopixies series, and even got a start on the Progressive Party assignment.

I find this burst of efficiency terribly distracting. The last time I felt confident that I was on top of things I discovered I had let the car insurance come within 24 hours of lapsing. My Russian soul is shivering even as I write, waiting for the Golden Horde to come thundering over the steppe.

Still, I did manage to get a few things done and for now I’ll be happy. The first of the technopixie quilts is nearly to the quilting stage. I still have issues with his arms and hands, but I found a chain for his pet’s leash and I’m certain I can find other embellishments to disguise my drawing errors:

I also started on the next quilt in the series – Checks, Balances and Fairie Charms.

My first thought was to make a bunch of cathedral windows blocks, but after I put one side on I realized that a half-block would give me more design options:

I also found a bracelet that a friend bought me at a rummage sale for use as embellishments. If this isn’t a fairie charm, I don’t know what is:

There are still deadlines screaming for attention. No level of efficiency is high enough to counteract the effects of saying yes to too many projects. Nevertheless, I will try to enjoy this rare feeling of accomplishment . . . right after I double-check the bill pile.