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Serenity R Not Us

May 4, 2020

One thing the pandemic has taught me is that I am not cut out for meditation. We’re talking epic fail here. I’ve read all the advice about quieting the monkey brain, and all I can say is monkeys wish they had my brain. It’s like spending the day with a three year-old. “How many breaths did I take? Did I exhale as long as I inhaled? Can I exhale longer? How gold is the golden thread of energy reaching down for me? Is the earth energy brown or green? Look, a squirrel! No, wait, I’m the squirrel!” You don’t even want to know what it sounds like when my characters join in, begging me to write down that last thought because they want it, then arguing about who will get the line. I thought my tinnitus would be the main obstacle to achieving a state of serenity, but it’s not even close. The voices of my characters, my inner critic, my inner muse, and my inner toddler totally drown out the ringing in my ears – and just about everything else as well.

May the 4th be with you!

I’m In It For The Trees

January 27, 2016

You know you’ve been a quilter too long when you stop paying attention to the movie because something on the screen sparked an idea for a new quilt. I was watching “War and Peace” and stopped paying attention to James Norton‘s splendid portrayal of Prince Andrei because he was standing by a way cool tree that I thought would make a great focal point for an art quilt.

Not the tree in the movie, but a fine tree all the same

Not the tree in the movie, but a fine tree all the same

This isn’t the first time I’ve been sidetracked by quilt ideas. I attended a concert and forgot all about the music because the light show sparked an idea for a wonderful way to use some of my batiks. I look at the ocean and see how I could strip-piece a wave breaking on the rocks. Don’t even get me started on how a night sky makes me itch to bring out my beads.

The black and white batik uses a frog motif

The black and white batik uses a frog motif

At the moment, I’m particularly struck by trees. I’ve also done frogs, roses, space scenes and maps. I can never tell when the mood will strike for a new series, or why something takes me by the throat and demands I explore it. All I know is that it’s great fun to be inspired, even if I do miss part of the movie.

Luck and wisdom!

The “Look, There’s A Squirrel” School of Quilting

September 17, 2014

The topic for discussion at the last Art Quilt Critique Group was “What do you want to say with your quilts?” I’m still in the discovery phase of my artistic growth, and I get distracted easily, so I suggested we found our own movement – the “Look, There’s A Squirrel” school of quilting.

Later that day, I thought about crows.

My spirit animal - a little dusty, but mine

My spirit animal – a little dusty, but mine

I took one of those silly personality tests and discovered my spirit animal is the crow. Crows are cool birds (they are also easy to draw, and one of these days I’m going to make a crow quilt). There are lots of other cool birds, some of which take ribbon and fluff and weave their baskets with pretty colors. Heaven knows I have enough ribbons to fill a forest with bird nests.

Lani Longshore ribbons

Some of my friends are making Quilts of Valor projects with eagle motifs. I don’t know much about eagles, but I suspect I could decorate a few bald eagle/patriotic quilts.

Lani Longshore red, white and blue

Of course, anyone who has seen my studio knows that my spirit animal should be a bower bird. I have enough beads and shiny stuff to outfit an island of bower birds for many generations.

A small box, in a larger box, in a larger bin . . .

A small box, in a larger box, in a larger bin . . .

Nevertheless, I think this new artistic movement should definitely showcase the value of distraction and squirrel-like behavior. I bet we could get a lot of followers, too. Maybe we could even have tee shirts, and . . . oh, look –

Luck and wisdom!