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Finishing a Few Things

October 7, 2015

Week two since we returned from vacation, and I’m almost back to a routine. I finished two things – or at least brought them to a point to meet deadline – and that’s enough of a victory to break out the ice cream.

Two Cubas

Two Cubas

This is the Challenge project about Cuba. I have an idea for beading, but have to quilt the project first. However, the rules only require that I finish the top, not the quilting and embellishing. The piece shows two images of Cuba – one desolate and alone, the other the workers’ paradise.

A wedding canopy

A wedding canopy

This was for a wedding. There are life symbols in abundance – the tree, the ring of blue for air and water, the ring of orange for the sun.

There are a couple more projects sitting on the sewing table that I would like to finish before the holiday rush commences. If all goes as scheduled, I might even get the Halloween decorations up (and down) before December 24th. Yes, I can hear the universe laughing.

Luck and wisdom!

Gratitude for Loose Ends

September 30, 2015

I just returned from a terrific extended holiday visiting family. We all had a wonderful time, but then comes getting back to the real world and remembering what I was doing before I left. Luckily for me, I left some loose ends that triggered ideas for the latest Challenge project.

Lani Longshore strip-pieced Cuba

The inspiration is Cuba – colors, culture, history, whatever. I had an idea – well, the beginning of an idea – well, a tiny thought that could be the beginning of an idea under the right circumstances – and just before leaving for vacation I pulled some fabric from the scrap bin. When I returned, I strip-pieced some of the scraps, drew a pattern of Cuba from a map in an advertisement, and found some fabric for the sea.

Lani Longshore sea fabric

One piece of fabric didn’t look anything like the Caribbean, but went well with a dark green print from the scrap bin.

Lani Longshore Cuba muted

The final shape of the project is still a mystery to me, but I am grateful to have left enough stuff on the sewing table to give me a beginning. If the Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, this small victory might be enough to get me back into a creative routine.

Luck and wisdom!