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I Wish I Could Take The Credit

April 18, 2018

On the days when I’m feeling particularly pleased with myself, I am often presented with things I could have done but didn’t. Today is one of those days. I dearly wish I could take credit for this tee shirt, but I can’t.

I have such a bad sense of direction that I made a point of training the kids to watch for road signs when they learned to drive. You would think that since I was teaching them how to do it my own skills would improve. Well, they did, a little, but I still get lost way too easily. I bought this tee shirt to give the rest of you fair warning.

This journal is another idea I wish was mine.

A local artist takes discarded books and turns them into journals. He includes some of the original pages just for fun.

Finally, I wish I could take credit for our garden, but I have the blackest thumbs on either side of the Mississippi. My husband is the one who coddles the plants. They bloom for him.

May today be the day your come up with an idea that will be the envy of all who see it.

Luck and wisdom!