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The No-Longer-Loved-Fabric Project

May 3, 2017

The Instagram experiment is showing success, and just when I need it. This month the Progressive Party begins The No Longer Loved Fabric Project, where we pooled our abandoned, no-longer-loved fabric and each chose three pieces. I posted a picture of a panel I colored in Betty Busby’s class at Art Quilt Santa Fe on Instagram, and in so doing realized I could combine this panel:

with this collection.

I made one round of auditions.

The panel inspired me to use black and yellow strips (black for structure, yellow for glow), and scatter the challenge fabrics over the surface. This is what I will give to the Progressives:

By photographing the piece over a period of days – and then looking at those pictures when I posted them on Instagram – I was forced to think about design elements in a deeper way. I also thought about what I was trying to say with these challenge fabrics, as well as what the fabrics were trying to say to me. Some of the fabrics from the first audition are still yammering at me. The cow tried really hard to fit into the start of the project, but didn’t make the cut. However, she and some fabric with other cows will go in the bag. Perhaps she’ll appear in one of the additions to the top.

Luck and wisdom!

After The End

June 12, 2013

The Progressive Party finished another project round this month. We made a fabric challenge for ourselves. Each of us put in a square of fabric and the challenge was to use as much of it as possible in the quilt top. Since we have very different styles, even when we tried to keep the tastes of the rest of the group in mind we didn’t exactly come up with a complementary collection. That was all part of the fun – what’s the use of a challenge if it isn’t hard?


My approach to the project was determined by one fabric (not mine) that had PARTY written on it. I took out a scrap of cow fabric and instructed the group to make a quilt that said “Party ’til the cows come home.”


Party cows

Party cows


They listened, and I love the result. There was just one teensy problem – the top wasn’t finished. There is so much going on in this piece that it needed a border to give the eye a place to rest. I auditioned several different fabrics, trying to find something that said “I end here.”


Party with accessories

Party with accessories


After staring at the wall long enough that my eyeballs were spinning, I decided I couldn’t decide. I used the fabrics by size. I had enough of one fabric for the side borders, enough of two others for top and bottom borders. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s party time.

Lani Longshore Party 'Til The Cows Come Home final