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Piled Higher and Deeper

October 21, 2015

The Connections Challenge project is taking on a life of its own. I have two more tops to show how ideas evolve, which will also go on the ever-growing beading pile.

I used a modified four-block structure

I used a modified four-block structure

This top started with leftovers. I pieced strips of the handpainted silk into a block, then added other fabrics that spoke to me at the time.

Lani Longshore challenge top B

This piece started with leftovers from the leftovers. I didn’t have any silk, but there was one nice square of the pink Japanese-style floral remaining. I added a leftover block from a Progressive project that I surrounded with the greyed green floral. The piece begged for a different direction, and I pulled some fabrics I thought I could make fit. Then my inner critic spoke up, so I put the collection aside until my art quilt critique group meeting. They agreed the piece needed a different direction, but not that different. Back to the sewing room I went, found some batiks and shiny ribbon, and now we’re all happy.

These will get a project of their own - maybe

These will get a project of their own – maybe

These are the fabrics that my critiquer friends persuaded me not to use. They were right. I look at them now and wonder what I was thinking. Word of advice – if you don’t have a group of artists in your area that gathers regularly to give helpful suggestions on each other’s work, create one. There’s nothing like having other eyes examine your design to help you improve and grow. Yes, their suggestions resulted in more stuff on the beading pile, which is already high and deep, but it’s worth it.

Luck and wisdom!

Background Material

January 22, 2014

The nurse who drew my blood at my last donation gave me a gift. She made a different mark for the insertion site.


Let me explain. I have teeny-tiny veins, and they’re hidden deep in my arm. When I donate blood, the nurse first has to pump up the pressure cuff to find a vein, then mark it carefully before swabbing down that patch of skin. All the other people have drawn four arrows pointing in one spot. This time, the nurse drew a rectangle with lines on opposite ends marking the line of insertion for the needle. It was so cool, I knew it would make a great block.


Looks like chain links, right?

Looks like chain links, right?


As I considered the block, I remembered an article I read about medical tattoos – temporary patches made from nanotubes to deliver medication. That brought to mind a scene in a medical bay I had written in The Chenille Ultimatum (part of the series with Ann AnastasioDeath By Chenille and When Chenille Is Not Enough). Although the heroine in that scene was being treated for minor bumps and bruises, I know there will be a bigger battle scene later in the book, and I could use medical tattoos that look like quilt blocks for the wounded.


That brought to mind a project I have put aside temporarily about space Vikings. I could have permanent tattoos for those soldiers.


Places for soldiers' medical tattoos

Places for soldiers’ medical tattoos


When my soldiers are picked up after a battle, I could have the medics wrap them in quilts with matching patches that quickly diagnose the injuries and start repair work while the transport pods bring them to the medical ships.


That brought me to my scrap bin to experiment with leftovers for a background for this quilt.


A background for embroidery, applique, LEDs

A background for embroidery, applique, LEDs


Once I figure out what I want the patch to look like, I can embroider and quilt it sashiko style on the background, then insert some LED lights to make it really fancy. If there’s a chance to add some glitz to my life, I’m there.


A glitzy flower makes me smile

A glitzy flower makes me smile


All of this background material for various projects, just because a clever nurse drew a different box on my skin.