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Inspiration Prompt #4

July 16, 2018

Neither my computer nor any of my electronic devices are working today. I am writing on a borrowed device, which is always scary. My prompt today is to describe fear. When I was training for my first black belt test, I wrote terror haiku. If poetry doesn’t work for you, use what does (except for scribbling on the wall with permanent marker – that creates a whole other level of anxiety).

Lani Longshore nail file

When I finish chewing my nails, I will need this file.

Inching toward finishing

August 24, 2011

The top for Careless Tabs is finished!

Those wonky 9-Patches are on purpose, by the way.

As I was planning Network, I got an e-mail from a friend whose daughter makes doll kits for organizations that help disadvantaged children. I went through my lace box to see what I could contribute, and found the exact piece I needed for the next of The Computer Ate My Homework series (I did find some lace I could contribute to a good cause, so was doubly pleased with my efforts that morning). Once I had the lace, the fabrics for the base introduced themselves.

The best news about the base is that it finished off another piece of fabric – no scraps (at least for the red with white rectangles).

Since I want to be able to quilt Network but have the lace loose for embellishment, the top now looks like a mock-up for a curtain.

I pulled out a few embellishments – just to audition:

Network is now on the To Be Quilted pile, and I have notes for the last (so far) in the series. It will be called Bit Rot. I’m going to use the applique technique I learned in Bobbi Finley‘s class. The starting point for the design will be a modification of an old Hawaiian proverb: Stones rot; only the chant remains. My version is: Bits rot; only the filename remains.

Now to find the time to draft the design.