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Colors And Vineyards And All That Jazz

September 7, 2016

I’m working on a couple of challenge quilts that may never be finished. Oh, they’ll be turned in, but they both keep telling me there is always room for one more bead.

This looks more like a grape vine if you squint

This looks more like a grape vine if you squint

The challenge is Colors of the Vineyard. I started with the background fabric and put a vine on one and a tree on the other. My usual procedure is to quilt, bead and bind. This time, I bound them in the middle of beading so that at some point I can say the project is done (even if it is merely abandoned).

Beads, lots of beads

Beads, lots of beads

I started beading grapes. That got old real fast, so I started beading around the motifs. Since I bead while watching TV, the needle kind of takes over. It’s like eating popcorn while watching a movie. Suddenly the bowl is empty and you don’t know how that happened. In this case, the fabric is encrusted but I have no idea when it happened.

My mossy tree

My mossy tree

For this quilt, I intended to use a blanket stitch around the tree applique and leave it at that. Then I looked at all my beads, and realized the quilt desperately needed a bit of sparkle.

Finally, a place for these tear drop beads

Finally, a place for these tear drop beads

I’ve been beading this quilt in front of the TV, too, but I forced myself to cover only one side of the trunk. I want it to look like moss.

Auditioning fabrics - better one?

Auditioning fabrics – better one?

I hadn’t intended to enter the tree into the challenge because it doesn’t meet the size requirement. My quilting buddies reminded me that if I made an underquilt the tree would meet the requirements just fine, thank you very much. The above fabric was my first choice (and not just because I could reach it easily).

Auditioning fabrics - better two?

Auditioning fabrics – better two?

This is my second choice. My third choice is to go shopping. I know which path my budget tells me to take, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to listen.

Luck and wisdom!

In Praise of Busy Fabric

July 20, 2016

For the Challenge Project this time we were given crayon colors and instructions to let the name of the color inspire us. I got Carnation Pink. My first thought was of Carnation Instant Breakfast (which I’ve never actually eaten, but I still remember the ads). Then I thought about other dairy drinks, specifically milkshakes, and I thought maybe a classic 50’s milkshake would make a cool image. Then I found a really busy print and my ideas went in a different direction.

Lani Longshore challenge project

The print inspired me to applique an image of a martini rather than a milkshake. I used a pink fabric that is sorta kinda maybe a carnation pink. There are pink squiggles in the print that are closer to the right color. Add some heavy quilting, and my challenge project is done. That is the joy of a busy print.

Lani Longshore challenge project detail

Here is another busy print that I received as a gift.

Lani Longshore fat quarter

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it goes so well with my growing gray collection that I might include it in the pile.

Busy prints can be gorgeous, or ghastly. I tend to like ugly fabrics, so often as not my busy prints are ghastly. That’s okay, because with enough beading almost anything looks good. Given that I have tons of beads, it is time to rifle through my stash and pull out all those busy prints. Who knows what treasure I have hidden in the piles?

Luck and wisdom!