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Fun With Glue

November 9, 2016

The latest Challenge project is to find something unique about our area, and translate that into a quilt. There are a lot of things unique to this part of California, but what strikes me is that in any given neighborhood you can find a deciduous tree, a pine tree, and a palm tree. I’ve wanted to do a quilt about those trees for a long time, but I have yet to come up with the ideal design. So, I’m breaking the Challenge rules and having fun with glue.

Lani Longshore tree canvases

The little canvases are 4 inch squares. The fabric is from my extensive collection of tree prints. I whacked off a small piece and made random cuts until I liked the way the motifs looked against the black canvas, then stuck them on with glue stick. The jewels have no symbolic significance, I just like them. For those, I used an all-purpose white glue. I’ll attach the squares with some screw eyes.

Lani Longshore hardware

As you can see, I have S-hooks as well as screw eyes. I may attach some lines of beading to the edges of the canvases. I pulled out this box from my collection, but I will let the piece tell me what sort of beads it wants.

Lani Longshore bead box

While I was assembling the tree canvases, I remembered that I have a collection of appliques. I found one that I thought would be useful to keep me creating art when the ideal design eludes me.

Lani Longshore No Whining

Luck and wisdom!

A Random Collection of Fuzz Balls

March 16, 2016

The allergy pixies took out their sledge hammers and pounded me into submission this week. Everything has come to halt. My energy level is in negative numbers. My brain is a random collection of fuzz balls.

Before my sinuses decided to secede from the rest of my body, I started a collage with my buffalo collection.

Lani Longshore buffalo collage

Although I like what I see, I know it would be unwise to do anything permanent at this time. With the help of some scraps, my pom-pom collection, and a bit of glue, I created an image of what my brain feels like.

A picture of a real brain, and an image of mine

A picture of a real brain, and an image of mine

With any luck, whatever is blooming will run its course soon. Until then, I’m staying away from heavy machinery and sewing needles.

Luck and wisdom, and health to all!

A Place To Shine

May 20, 2015

There are treasures in my sewing room that have waited a long, long time for a place to shine. Some of them found a home this week.

The wood strips really are thin enough to sew through

The wood strips really are thin enough to sew through

The wood ribbons called to me. Actually, lots of treasures call to me, but the wood ribbons are sitting in a box on the cutting table so I pay more attention. As it happened, I had unearthed some satin ribbons during the week. The satin and wood wanted to meet each other, so I obliged.

I also unearthed some taffeta ribbons, and silk flowers which had waited so long in someone else’s studio that she moved before she could use them (quite a few of my treasures are things I inherited from someone who didn’t want to pack up her entire sewing room). I added some buttons and shiny things, and have a new Valentine’s Day decoration.

A new decoration

A new decoration

It’s lovely to have a day when my treasures thank me for remembering them.

Luck and wisdom!