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Other People’s Loose Ends

February 10, 2011

I was cutting some donated fabric into squares, and came across a UFO. It was a shirt – cut, with interfacing attached, ready to sew. Literally, all that was left was to sew the two front pieces to the back and attach the collar. I stood there, rotary cutter in hand, and decided I couldn’t let it end this way. I don’t know why the shirt was never finished – maybe styles changed before it was completed, maybe the intended recipient’s color sense changed, maybe the person who started it put it down and forgot it, then moved it from one shelf to another until it was time for her to go to that great sewing room in the sky.

Once I hem it I’ll have a work shirt. Every time I wear it, I’ll be reminded that the UFOs I abandon in hidden corners will resurface someday. My family will open box after box, exclaim “What was she thinking?” and move on. If a project is really important to me, I’d better get it done now.

With that sentiment in mind, I decided to tackle the shelves at the back of the closet. I found fabric, of course, but also pillow cases to protect quilts that need to be shipped, a pair of wool pants that I wear when cross-country skiing, and a pile of shawls.

The pillow cases went back on the shelves, but in one stack instead of mixed in with other things. The wool pants may go to the thrift shop, since the last time I went cross-country skiing was about fifteen years ago and it isn’t likely I’ll be going this winter. The shawls are going in a spare dresser drawer, where they’ll be more protected.

The fabric is still on the shelf, as are two trays of scraps that need to be sorted. Now that I can reach them, the chances of something useful being done with them just sky-rocketed. And – best of all – I have another couple of inches of maneuvering space in the closet.

I still have many unfinished projects staring at me, but at least I can see them now. If I can save just one UFO from being shipped out to some unsuspecting quilter, it will be worth it.