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The Year In Review – Take One

December 17, 2014

This is the time of year for reviewing the balance sheet of projects completed versus projects attempted. I expect that I will reframe my achievements and shortcomings more than once before the end of the year, so here is The Year In Review – Take One.

Not quite clear enough for dancing, but I can get to my fabric

Not quite clear enough for dancing, but I can get to my fabric

The sewing room isn’t entirely organized. I’m beginning to think the universe will end if I ever get everything under control, or maybe that’s just the excuse I use to justify the continued chaos. Still and all, the floor in front of my fabric drawers is navigable, and has been for nearly two months. This is a major victory.

Yes, that is the diary of River Song - holding my space Viking notes

Yes, that is the diary of River Song – holding my space Viking notes

The third installment in The Chenille Series – The Chenille Ultimatum – isn’t done, nor is my planned novel about space Vikings. I have, however, been organizing my notes, making better scene outlines, filling in holes in my character profiles – all things that will make for better writing. This may not be a victory, but it is progress.

Not a partridge, not a pear tree, still fun

Not a partridge, not a pear tree, still fun

We have a decorated Christmas tree. There was a question about whether we would have one, since our daughter is the one who does the bulk of the decorating and she won’t be home this year. The joy of the season won out over my natural laziness, and I brought out the decorations. In the process, I also found the box for the Easter decorations. After I finished trimming the tree, I put away the Easter eggs that had been on display for the past two years. This is also a victory, although if I had any sense I wouldn’t admit to it.

Luck and wisdom!


September 21, 2011

I spent a lot of time messing up the sewing room this week. Aside from the usual detritus from my projects, there were kits to cut, and embellishments to unearth for Mom’s craft project. She brought five crocheted angels to finish.

Two of the gang of five

Her local craft stores hadn’t stocked wired ribbon in the patterns she wanted for the angels’ skirts, but she knew it was only a matter of days before the holiday displays would appear. Sure enough, the day after she arrived we went shopping and found exactly what she wanted.

Last year we worked on the Christmas ornaments together, but attaching the angel skirts is really a one-woman job:

Lily dressing angels

These angels can be used as tree toppers, but I might just use mine as a table decoration. If it’s up at the top of the tree, you can’t seen the cool use of a party hat to make her stand up:

Mom also brought another topper:

She decided to use up the half-skeins of yarn left over from other projects through the years. She planned to donate all the hats to a local charity, but apparently my nieces snagged the first two she made, and she thought I would like the blue one (which I do). The charity will still have plenty of hats, however, because Mom was a prolific crocheter in years past – and she never throws out anything.

And you thought my pack rat tendencies just came from being a quilter!