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The Groundhog, The Pyramids, And The Cabinet

February 5, 2014

The power cords are still lost. We did find the work space my husband envisioned when he built it.


I can actually prepare food here

I can actually prepare food here


We also cleared space in two cabinets for equipment we use.


Useful stuff, not collected stuff

Useful stuff, not collected stuff


Organizing the cabinet meant giving up some cute molds and baking dishes that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. I did it without whining. This is a major victory and I hope to remember the relief of letting go when I get back to sorting the sewing room.


That organizing project is on hold. First of all, my daughter got a puzzle for Christmas.


Lani Longshore puzzle

This is the sky, a subtle gradation of teals

She’s letting us help her with it. The dang thing is more addictive than pistachio nuts.


I also have two quilt projects that are much more interesting than the stacks of stuff in my sewing room. The Egyptian pyramid quilt is almost ready for beading.


Almost time to bring out the gold beads

Almost time to bring out the gold beads


The Progressive Party is coming to the end of our calendar project. Since I have ideas for the rest of the months, I want to finish them while I still remember why I thought the idea was so cool. This is my February block.


The groundhog in his den

The groundhog in his den


Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday because you don’t have to do anything but find out if the groundhog saw its shadow. If only all my projects were so simple.





Chipping Away For Art

October 2, 2013

This was my week for listening to the inner artist rather than the inner art critic as I chipped away at the to-do list. I had ideas for the Progressive Party Calendar Project that won’t go with any other vision but my own. My inner art critic said I should come up with different ideas. I ignored her.


Lani Longshore November Progressive Calendar block


The November block is dark and impressionistic. I’ve added subtle embroidery and beading to show there is life in this seemingly lifeless month.


Lani Longshore November calendar block beading


It is a far cry from the Thanksgiving images one expects to represent November. Can I use the excuse that I’m a vegetarian?


Lani Longshore December solstice block


The December block celebrates the winter solstice, with night crowding into my waking hours. The sun knows it will return, and is willing to give the night a brief chance to revel.


While I was pawing in my piles for embellishments, I ran across some iron-on shisha mirrors. Heaven only knows how old they are, but the glue was still good so I scattered them across one of my Challenge Rainbow quilts.


Lani Longshore shisha mirrors


Of course, the universe would be remiss to let me finish even one project without reminding me that there is always something more to make. While searching for binding fabric, I ran across some prints and an orphan block that suggested I put them next to my leaf block.


There's a party on the design wall

There’s a party on the design wall


I’m not certain how many of them will be included in whatever project emerges from this collection, but they’re enjoying each other’s company for the moment. Eventually, they’ll tell me what they want me to do.





September 25, 2013

I’ve been thinking about what lies underneath – what is unseen, but necessary for future growth. I wanted to show hibernation for my November calendar project. Starting with floral prints in browns and grays, I strip-pieced a base and embroidered dead plants and roots.

The earth below

The earth below

Stitches with variegated thread

Stitches with variegated thread

My idea got a jump-start with Laura Wasilowski’s hand-dyed embroidery threads.

Color + texture = fun!

Color + texture = fun!

For all the notes, sketches and supplies I keep stacked in the sewing room, my ideas are a lot like roots and seeds hiding under the ground. With the right amount of rain and sunshine, some of them poke through and flower. Others wait for the next season. It’s sort of like magic, until the hard work of growing the project begins.

Stuff With Deadlines

July 10, 2013

On winter evenings, when I’ve run out of energy and ideas, I serve the family stuff on rice for dinner. Whatever is left in the fridge goes over rice – sometimes with a sauce, sometimes not. This week, as I prepared to fly out to visit my mom, my studio presented me with stuff with deadlines (no sauce).


Actually, it was only one deadline and I could have dealt with it after my trip but getting those quilts finished for my great-nephews inspired me to submit to the Quilting Arts challenge before the very last moment. The theme is hands.




My hands are human and alien. Look closely and you’ll see two of the hands have only three fingers. I included a quote from my book (with Ann Anastasio), When Chenille Is Not Enough.




Since I hadn’t worked with sheer fabrics before, I did a “practice” project. It turned out so well it became my August block for the Progressive Party calendar project.


Lani Longshore Progressive Party August


August represents apple harvest time to me. We have a Granny Smith apple tree in the back yard that produces enough fruit for a freezer full of apple sauce, several apple cobblers and more than a few pies.


The Progressive Party calendar project begins this month. I leave you with my July block, which celebrates the 4th of July, Bastille Day, and Canada Day.