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Thank Heavens For Little Bins

September 4, 2013

We had a four-day party at our house last weekend. Between the Scottish Games, family and friends, there wasn’t a dull moment. The best part was I could completely enjoy the celebrations because I turned my studio into a guest room.


The floor! The floor!

The floor! The floor!


True, a cot in the sewing room doesn’t rival the Hilton, but considering all the stuff I had to move around, I was thrilled to recover as much space as I did. Thank heavens for little bins, and totes, and hampers. After a week of sorting, consolidating and tossing, I had some things squirrled away.


Bins in the corner of my bedroom

Bins in the corner of my bedroom


Two days before company arrived, this is what I faced:


Lani Longshore totes


I also found a never-used collapsible clothes hamper that I bought for one of the kids heading off to college (I won’t comment on why the child didn’t bring it along).


A great place to put piles of fabric

A great place to put piles of fabric


My husband gave me dispensation to bring the stuff out to the garage for the duration of the visit.


Colonizing the garage

Colonizing the garage


I have to bring everything back, and the sooner the better, but at least I’ve had one sort out. If I’m clever (and my husband is patient about reclaiming his garage space), I’ll bring in one bag, tote, or bin at a time and put the contents where it belongs, not where it fits. If I’m clever . . .



The Rainbow Project

August 28, 2013

I like fish fabric. For years, I’ve collected yardage of trout, angel fish, koi, sharks – even whales and dolphins although they are mammals, not fish. For years, I’ve snuck the odd piece into other projects when I was low on ideas for my fish series. Now, I have the Challenge Group Rainbow Project.


Lani Longshore trout fabric


It turns out these are speckled trout, but a few swipes with some watercolor pencils and they become rainbow trout. I also got to use the remnants of some rainbow ribbon, which made me very happy.


Lani Longshore rainbow trout


The quilter's rainbow trout

The quilter’s rainbow trout

When the fish top was pieced, I decided I needed to do a project that followed the rules of the Challenge. We were tasked with using all the colors of the rainbow, not just the theme of rainbow. My job was made easier in that some of the scraps on my cutting board could be drafted for a rainbow-esque treatment.


Lani Longshore rainbow music


Lani Longshore rainbow music detail

The deadline for this project is October, so there’s a chance I might have these pieces quilted, bound and embellished by then. It won’t happen today, however, because we’re having company for the Scottish Games, and my sewing room is going to become a guest room for the weekend – assuming I can find a wormhole in the fabric of the universe to hide all my treasures.



BSOs and UFOs

March 28, 2012

I felt guilty about clutter this week, perhaps because I admitted sweeping stuff into a box so I could quilt. Since I didn’t have a complete idea for the quilting pattern anyway, when I got to the part where a little more thinking was required I multi-tasked and sorted out the box while I mulled over what to do next. This is the result:

You can see the floor!

The ideal quilt pattern still hadn’t presented itself, so I continued to sort. It was at this point that I realized how much of my life is ruled by BSOs (bright shiny objects) and UFOs (unfinished objects). In clearing out some of the clutter on the sewing table, I found these:

These are celtic-themed stamps and some glittery ink. I bought the set long enough ago that I can’t remember any of the details. I think it was at the Caledonian Club Scottish Games, and I suspect I had an idea for a project. I know my little hand stuffed them into my shopping basket because the ink is shiny and the designs are cool. I also know that the reason they were hiding under a pile is that I had another UFO with a more pressing deadline to finish before I could start the project that required stamping. Then they got buried. The good news is I still have an idea for a project that could require those stamps.

I sorted a few more things and ran across this:

This is an ornament that I bought because it is shiny. And a bear. And shiny. The good news here is Christmas is scheduled for this December again so I will be able to put it on the tree. Perhaps by then the ideal quilting pattern for my mosaic tile quilt will make itself known and I can scratch one more UFO off the list.

From A to V

September 7, 2011

The applique tile quilt is taking over my life. That’s not bad, but it is odd. I’m used to getting psyched about a project, then having something else sneak in and become a time sink. That’s why there are stacks of UFOs all over my studio. Here is the latest block:

Here is the collection so far:

I am at work on the last block, and I have some ideas about the lattice and borders. I also came up with a design for the last of The Computer Ate My Homework series. With a little bit of luck and a whip-crack of discipline, I’ll get those done this coming week.

The 146th Caledonian Club Scottish Games were held over Labor Day weekend. One of their vendors, appropriately named B. Coole Designs, sells way cool patches. This year she had puns:

pi + rat = pirate

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the patch. I’m not really into pirates – haven’t been since the kids started making their own Halloween costumes – but how could I resist?

I am into Vikings, having been the affirmative action student at the last bastion of Norwegian imperialism on the North American continent – aka Saint Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, the town that shot up the James Gang (but that’s another story). One of the other vendors sold Viking-style costumes. I didn’t really want the costumes, but I did want the ribbons used to embellish some of the garments. A few booths down, I found some:

I may make a small quilt and steal the first vendor’s slogan – Vikings: still better than pirates or ninjas.

So there we are, the end of the run from applique to Vikings.