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Where The Buffalo Roam

April 6, 2016

Since I didn’t have a plan for the embroidery on my buffalo collage, I put the threads and a couple of pattern books next to my place on the couch. When I watched TV, I also picked up my needle and thread. Hey, if buffalo can roam, so can my stitching. This is what I had by the end of the week.

Lani Longshore buffalo collage

Most of the stitches came from one of my crazy quilt pattern books.

The stencil is probably an auroch, but that's close enough for me

The stencil is probably an auroch, but that’s close enough for me

The backing comes from leftover pieces in my collection of High Plains and Southwest fabric.

Lani Longshore collage backing

I might add more embroidery later, but for now I’m auditioning beads in my new sorting container, which is the carry-out shell from the really cool cupcake place downtown, Cake Delight. When I finally finish the piece, I’m heading back there for my celebration treat.

Lani Longshore beads

Luck and wisdom!


March 9, 2016

My Art Quilt Critique Group is discussing repetition as a design element next week. Since I was already in the midst of the Yellowstone panel project, I thought I would let it do double duty by showing theme and variation with the last two panels.

Lani Longshore Yellowstone panel

The third panel shows Old Faithful exploding against a gorgeous cloudy sky. I found a lovely sky print to repeat that element. I knew I was going to use the pink stripe, but needed to put another border around the panel first. The piece didn’t quite seem finished with the pink, so I found another stripe (which is actually a double stripe if you look closely).

Lani Longshore Yellowstone panel detail

I used the purple rickrack A) because it was there and B) because the blue and pink needed a bit more separation.

Lani Longshore Yellowstone panel window

The last panel is a lovely window scene. I adore that craftsman/prairie/wright look, and wanted to repeat it with piecing. Then I actually thought about all the piecing and said, “Self, let’s simplify.”

Lovely window to look at, not to make

Lovely window to look at, not to make

The buffalo fabric repeats the red from the lettering on the panel, and uses some of my buffalo fabric. I have several more pieces of buffalo fabric, which I have artfully arranged on the cutting table until they inspire me, along with a buffalo button and a copper buffalo pendant. You’ll see more of that collection soon, whether you want to or not.

Luck and wisdom!