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A Tagline for Me

January 27, 2020

Novelist and writing coach Beth Barany sent an email to her subscribers about creating taglines as part of one’s branding efforts. Taglines are a lot like titles to me – something that wakes me in the middle of the night and usually has no obvious place to settle. I have a collection of titles waiting for the perfect story and/or quilt, which by chance is housed in the file box next to the pile of notes I have left from the massive collection my critique group told me to cull (see photo above). Then it hit me. “Self,” I said, “you already have two taglines.”

One is the subtitle to this blog: Mastering the world, one stack at a time. Of course, the little joke is that I’ve never actually mastered a stack. I’ve consolidated, rearranged, reordered, and hidden stacks. I’ve even managed to clear a little space only for another stack to appear when I blinked.

The other is the last line of each blog. It’s what the alien Marsel says in The Chenille Ultimatum. Marsel intends for the phrase to be both advice and blessing. I discovered it works for me. Through no special merit on my part, luck and someone’s wisdom (not always my own) has favored me. Having what I need to meet my obligations but never enough to squander is a huge blessing. Having good mentors has allowed me to appreciate that. Whatever else I might kvetch about, no one is shooting at me, there is food in my pantry, and I have the luxury of creative time. I’ll light the sage bundles and do the happy dance in hopes that all of you will receive such good gifts.

Luck and wisdom!

When A Quilter Gives Thanks

November 23, 2016

Despite fighting a ridiculously resilient bug (the kind that requires antibiotics, not a call to technical support), I managed to clear off my sewing table. That lasted about a day, and I couldn’t stand the empty space. So I started another project, and got far enough along to call it good. For that, I give thanks.

Lani Longshore twist and turn top

There are a few gift quilts I want to make. This is one of them. None of the quilts I have in mind are Christmas presents. I figured if I could make the tops and backs before the holidays, I would be more inclined to get back into the sewing room in January. It always takes a while to remember what I do around here at the end of a vacation or celebration, so having a project waiting for me is essential.

The other reason I’m giving thanks is I think this is going to become my go-to pattern. I learned it as Twist and Turn.

Lani Longshore twist and turn blocks

The whole thing goes together in a flash, and is ideally suited to my preference of letting the fabric do the work. I hope this Thanksgiving you can find many things, big and small, that you call a blessing.

Luck and wisdom!


August 27, 2014

I was going to call this week’s blog Rewards, but to be honest I didn’t do enough to earn the good fortune that came my way. Blessings fits much better.

I'm not a Viking, but I make up stories about them

I’m not a Viking, but I make up stories about them

These beads are a thank-you gift from my friend Maya Madhavan. They are based on Viking patterns. I’m writing a sci fi novel about space Vikings. Not only am I thrilled to receive such lovely beads, I’m doubly thrilled she remembered my work-in-progress.

Available in October

This is the cover of the anthology that includes one of my horror stories. There are no space Vikings, but there are Norwegians in Minnesota and a really scary tree. Getting published at all is a blessing for a writer, and getting published in a cool book with a cool cover is even better. Eve’s Requiem is from Spider Road Press, and will be available in October.

This space was empty for at least a week

This space was empty for at least a week

This bit of empty space is where Abby’s kennel used to be. Now, I have a bunch of stuff that could go in this space, but I didn’t want to be greedy. However, my daughter left us some storage bins and my husband agreed that they would fit the corner.

Not empty space, but still tidy

Not empty space, but still tidy

Best of all, I get to use the big blue box to stash Christmas gifts. This will be the first time in donkey’s years that I’ll be able to keep the presents together without having to find room in the studio (which usually means stuffing them under the least unstable pile and crawling around it for five months).

May your week be equally blessed.

Luck and wisdom!