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Treasures At The Bottom Of The Bin

October 8, 2014

The studio is still a shambles, but I am making progress on the to-do piles. This week, I got to the Progressive Party tree project and found a treasure – a surprising border and backing at the bottom of the tree collection bin.

A top for me

A top for me

This quilt will sit on the upstairs day bed – when we get it. In the meantime, it will sit on the cot and be available for me to admire whenever I like.

Lani Longshore palm tree

The tree project had only two requirements – an 8″ finished block with a tree on it. The color choices were totally up to the individual. To my mind, the blocks complemented each other as if they had been planned. I found a package of 5″ squares (I believe Stonehenge Stone Chips) for the interior.

Lani Longshore tree quilt detail

As I was pawing through my tree fabrics, I found the pink tree fabric which I probably bought for a back. While I had thought of using a green for a border, this piece begged me to audition it. There was enough to fussy cut the border and and still have a good chunk for the back. I think it works, and since it’s for me that’s all that counts.

Luck and wisdom!