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Bamboo and Roses

August 13, 2014

Before I left for a family reunion, I separated the pink pile. Not all the fabrics went together, but this collection of bamboo and roses works for me.

Lani Longshore pink fabrics

Since I only get to start the project, I decided to do something simple. I find it easier to build on someone else’s work if there is an unfinished corner somewhere, or if the piece begs for a border.

Lani Longshore bamboo and roses center

With any luck, the next person in line for this project will find room for her creative impulses.

As for me, I discovered the little cross-stitch projects I lined up to help me over the back-from-vacation blues weren’t necessary. The Progressive Party did a tree exchange, and this is what I received.

Lani Longshore tree blocks

While I’m not certain where I’m going with these blocks, I know the journey will be fun.

Luck and wisdom!