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March 9, 2011

At the last meeting of a friendship group, one of the women challenged us to count up our UFOs. I tried that once and didn’t like the result. Still, a challenge is a challenge, so I pulled out all the UFOs in the corner of the closet.

The mountain of forgotten dreams

There are ninety-three (93) in this pile. Not included are the three I plan to finish for the quilt show in April and the collections of fabric that are just waiting for a design. I guess not knowing exactly how many projects languished in the sewing room has made it very easy for me to make a new top and toss it on the pile.

I’m also guessing my new mantra should be when in doubt, reorganize. Since I had moved the tops out of the corner of the closet, I took the opportunity to stack the upholstery, corduroy and flannel fabric in that bin and move the UFOs to the shelf. That led to unearthing more pillow cases (which I moved), yet another tote bag, and a box of barrettes and hairpins (which I will throw out in the very near future). Here is the new version of the closet:

I also found a top that I intended to use for the next Challenge project. The theme is hearts and flowers. The woman who issued it said that since we’re all going to be working on our pieces for the quilt show, we should feel free to use something we’d already finished for Challenge (thank you, Kathy Levesque!). Although I haven’t quite finished this piece, I know it could be completed with the right border – which I may have found:

For the last couple of years I have used the bi-monthly Challenge meetings to tackle the stacks of fabric on the cutting table. Regardless of the theme, I was going to make it work with whatever was on top of the fabric pile. Perhaps I need to adjust that scheme and start finishing my UFOs for Challenge, using whatever is on the cutting table as a backing.

Of course, then I’ll need to figure out where to store the completed quilts, but that’s a problem for another day.