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July 22, 2015
Abby on a quilt I made

Abby on a quilt I made

Abby is romping in doggie heaven now. She was my daughter’s dog, but I was happy she let me be part of her pack. Even with a gimpy leg and the ability to pass gas that could be classified as a bioweapon, I thought she was the perfect dog.

Portrait of a wise dog

Portrait of a wise dog

This is the face Abby would probably pull if she could hear me. She would tell me to enjoy my memories, that now is all we have, and by the way am I going to share that sandwich? Like I said, the perfect dog.

Luck and wisdom!

The Spirit of a Dog

January 15, 2014

Although I delayed the vacuuming until someone was around to comfort Abby, the dog decided to be brave. She retreated briefly when the vacuum monster roared. Marshalling her courage, she crept forward to meet it. She stood her ground for a time, then realized this was not a battle she could win. Still, I think she considered the confrontation a victory.


Abby on the clean(ish) rug

Abby on the clean(ish) rug


Abby’s courage, while ill-advised given that the vacuum monster isn’t going to eat anyone, inspired me this week. I’m running away from the pile monster, and that needs to stop.


My plan was to take some of the treasures that I’d hidden in other rooms and bring them to the sewing room so I could a) admire them and b) store them where I could see them so that c) I would eventually use them. I started with my notebook collection.


One part of the collection

One part of the collection


Then I found another corner with notebooks.


Another part of the collection

Another part of the collection


Next to the second stash of notebooks I found Christmas stuff – “just in case” presents, stuff to add to presents, stuff to use for decorations.


Forgotten things from a scary corner

Forgotten things from a scary corner


I’ve made progress on tidying the piles in the sewing room, but there are still mountains to face. Who knew I was so good at finding corners to stash stuff?


At least the thread pile is next to the sewing machine

At least the thread pile is next to the sewing machine


So this week I’m going to channel the spirit of a dog. Although I retreated from the piles many times, I will throw myself once more into the breach. I may retreat again, but someday – someday – I will taste victory.





Boxing Day

December 26, 2012

The week between Christmas and New Year holds such promise. When the kids were younger I always planned to do great, fun things on their vacation. When they got older I planned to do great, useful things around the house. But we all know about plans . . .

At any rate, I did manage to do some things in the sewing room. I started a free-form stuffed collection that I hoped would look like Christmas ornaments that I could pile in a decorative bowl.

Christmas puffs

I still like the concept, but I’m going to have to spend some time auditioning embellishments.

My daughter asked if I would make a name tag for her dog’s Christmas stocking. She asked on Christmas Eve. After dinner. Luckily, she liked what I did.

Christmas stocking name tag

The week between Christmas and New Year holds demands, too – specifically the demand to clean up the place. Given that I still have my Easter Egg collection out on the hutch, I’m not holding out much hope for getting the Christmas moose/reindeer collection back in storage any time soon.

Christmas centerpiece with reindeer

Still, it is Boxing Day today, and regardless of what it might mean in the U.K., at my house it is a reminder to get out the boxes and put things back where they belong.


December 12, 2012

I love made-up math days. Ever since the turn of the millennium (and doesn’t that have a lovely ring to it?) I’ve looked forward to the triple digit days. This is the last, although we still have 11/12/13 next year, and 12/13/14 the year after.

While I won’t ascribe cosmic significance to the day (even though it would be fun to try), I can say that it’s been a pretty good week. We got the Christmas tree. It isn’t decorated yet, but the pagan in me always enjoys just having the tree in the house, in all its evergreen glory.

My druid ancestors would be happy

My druid ancestors would be happy

The dog isn’t too excited, but at least she’s leaving it alone.

Such a bored critter

Such a bored critter

I don’t have my moose/reindeer collection out, mainly because the garage is full of the kids’ stuff and I couldn’t get to it. However, I bought a moose ornament over the summer, so that is representing all of its sisters.

moose ornament

Finally, I had an idea of a different kind of vase I could make when a few scraps of ribbon got piled up in the same corner.


I haven’t figured out what I want for a base yet, but I’m confident that will be revealed in good time. For now, I am enjoying a rare moment of calm, peace and joy in the holiday season. I hope y’all are too, and have a great triple digit day.

Acceptance and the Real New Year

August 29, 2012

Although I haven’t been in school in decades, and even my kids are finished (for the time being), Labor Day is still the beginning of the year for me. This is the time when I have to make sure last year’s produce (whether made into juice, jam or dried) has been eaten, because more is coming:

Pears for drying

Seriously, a lot more:


Grapes for juicing



More grapes for juicing

Life is complicated this year by having both kids move back, with their stuff:

My goal was to clear away clutter – not going to happen. What will happen is that I will be more focused on efficient use of time and space so when the kids move out again my stuff won’t automatically expand to fill the gap.

The good news is, I am learning to accept that I am not in control. Helping me along the route to letting things go is having Abby’s quilt on the floor:


The dog’s quilt

It is one thing to make a quilt knowing that a dog is going to sit on it. It is another to actually see the dog sit on it. After the first week, I realized I was okay with the situation. I even tried taking a picture of Abby on the quilt, but she’s not fond of cameras:


Abby escaping the paparazzi – me

So, here’s to deep inhales, full exhales, meditations on peace, and the beginning of something new.