A Clean Start

We had company for the holidays, so I had to turn the extension of my desk space back into its original use as a dining room table. I went through most of the stuff, and ended up with only three piles under my proper desk. This is an achievement – I’ve had as many as five before.

Seeing the table for what it is gives me incentive to work harder at clearing my writing table. I have stacks of notes to self that could be consolidated, as well as notes for stories that no longer intrigue me and reference books that should have a better place to live. For all I know I’ve got a copy of the Magna Carta in there too.

I spend less time clearing out my writing space than I do my quilting space. I’m not sure why, because crafting in chaos is just as hard whether you are using words or fabric. It’s easy to get discouraged by the clutter that accumulates during a project, but this year I have an image of clean, flat surfaces to work toward. That’s a blessing at any time, but especially useful now.

Luck and wisdom!