When Things Work – A Lesson In Gratitude

I’ve been building my gratitude skills, because things have been working as expected and I don’t want to take that for granted. During my vacation my flights were on time, my luggage arrived in good order, my phone had service, and I found food I wanted to eat (not always a given for a vegetarian). When I returned my estimation of what bills would be waiting was correct and the plan I had for catching up with my deadlines proved to be adequate. These are things I once expected, but now recognize for the miracles they are. No one gets a guarantee in life, so when things are going well I try to acknowledge the gift. I also try to think of what else I might need in the toolbox for when things aren’t going well, which is why the photo above is filled with stuff I use when I’m cursing or weeping or both. Things break, things change, things wear out – that’s the nature of life. I don’t have to like it, but I can be grateful for the moments when I can relax.

Luck and wisdom!

Author: Lani Longshore

Quilter, writer, chocoholic, black belt (karate), killer of houseplants, reader of maps (and I still get lost)

One thought on “When Things Work – A Lesson In Gratitude”

  1. That is quite a list of things going well. Congratulations. Probably most days work out the same for me. But that one day when all goes wrong hits me in the chest, it seems like nothing ever goes right. Thanks for the reminder to harness my gratitude.

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