The Return of the Dark and Plot Development

The solstice is a month behind us, and the minutes of daylight are shrinking rapidly. The sky is falling. I am lost.

Okay, so I’m not lost, the sky is firmly anchored overhead, and there are at least 14 hours of daylight to play with for the next few weeks. My inner voice of doom is still screeching, and it’s getting on my nerves.

“Self,” I said, “you need to turn this bug into a feature.”

Which brings me to the title about dark and plot. While many plots pivot at the point where the protagonist moves forward in faith because there is no other option, what if I pivot my plot with a bit of comic relief? Our heroine, who has become increasingly paralyzed by tiny losses, is dope slapped with the realization of her abundance. She understands there are people who love her and resources at her command. She then has an epiphany that her story isn’t just about her, but about everyone in the community, and her role as leader will be one thread in the tapestry.

This isn’t the typical hero story, but perhaps it is more realistic. No matter how important a role we play in our time, there is no guarantee our names will be remembered two generations hence. Still, if we’ve done our job right, if we’ve promoted kindness rather than cruelty, the people who come after us will have a better start to their stories. That’s worth more than being remembered forever, yes?

Now to use those 14 hours wisely and not mourn the three minutes lost since yesterday.

Luck and wisdom!

Author: Lani Longshore

Quilter, writer, chocoholic, black belt (karate), killer of houseplants, reader of maps (and I still get lost)

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