The Gift Of An Hour

Some of my quilting buddies were relating their cautionary tales of expecting too much of themselves during the holidays, especially when it comes to making gifts for friends and family. I thought it might be fun to give each other a gift of time – say, an hour – to help sort out fabric or cut patterns or whatever. Luckily, I kept my mouth shut. Why put more of a burden on people with already slammed schedules when we can give ourselves that same gift? I realized if I reframed my usual New Year’s Project List (which was a reframing of New Year’s Resolutions), I might be able to accomplish more. Instead of challenging myself to finish a certain number of projects in 2022 (which I may do anyway around Ground Hog’s Day just to keep me on my toes), I’m giving myself the gift of 1 hour a month to do prep work/tidying/planning without worrying about my deadlines. I may not use the hour all at once. I may start out giving myself 15 minutes a week just to clear out some clutter (because there will be extra clutter after the holidays, don’t you know). The point is, this is a gift. I don’t need to feel guilty about using my gift. I can actually look forward to clearing out at least one drawer in the sewing room, because the time is a present I gave myself.

Luck and wisdom!

Author: Lani Longshore

Quilter, writer, chocoholic, black belt (karate), killer of houseplants, reader of maps (and I still get lost)

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