The Writer and Doctor Who

I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was a teenager. I remember one episode where sock puppet monsters were obviously thrown by someone off-camera to the Doctor, but he gamely caught them and tried to make it seem they had flown through the air to attack him. It was hilarious. It was also instructive, because it proved to me that if you have any affection for your characters at all, it will show. Over the decades, different writers have tried to take Doctor Who in various directions, some successfully, some not. Fans may argue endlessly about what it might really mean, but they’ll still come back for the next episode. They know everyone connected with the show loves the characters.

I treasure this knowledge, because it gives me hope as a writer. While I will do my darnedest to avoid continuity errors and plot inconsistencies, they will come. I will also try to tie up the red herrings before they become a bloated, stinky mess in the corner, but some readers may think I didn’t do a good enough job. I can accept that my writing has flaws, as long as my readers understand that I really do love my characters, and I’m trying to do right by them.

Luck and wisdom!

Author: Lani Longshore

Quilter, writer, chocoholic, black belt (karate), killer of houseplants, reader of maps (and I still get lost)

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