A Blog Post About Blog Posts

Shameless self-promotion alert, my friend George Cramer is featuring me on his blog, which you can read here. George is a retired detective, loves motorcycles, and has a new book out. The Mona Lisa Sisters is a departure from the short stories and poems you may have seen from George in various anthologies. If you haven’t read any of George’s work, and even if you have, check out his debut novel.

Luck and wisdom!

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One Response to “A Blog Post About Blog Posts”

  1. Dave LaRoche Says:

    Ya know, what’s a writer to do. He/she has a book representing often years of diligent work and now it’s complete and ready to publish and maybe has already been. there are millions of people populating this category, hoping and waiting to here readers sing their praises It’s a catastrophe. We have all stepped into a sinkhole. We’ve poured out our guts – it’s been a joyous departure – but we’re competing for sales like oysters for sand. We need correction. Most of this situation belongs to Amazon. Maybe we kill it. Maybe elsewhere with our creations.

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