A Christmas Miracle with Curved Piecing

The quilting goddess was in a good mood this week. My latest Progressive Party project was all curves. Three blocks of curves. Three blocks of curves that will go in someone else’s quilt.

They turned out.

Admittedly, the project included templates, these were mostly gentle curves, and the fabrics were good quality (allowing just enough stretch to make a smooth seam, not so much that I had to angst over distortion). Also, I’ve done a few projects with curves in the last year so my skills aren’t all that rusty. But still – three blocks and they all came out! This is worth celebrating, so I did.

Luck and wisdom!

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3 Responses to “A Christmas Miracle with Curved Piecing”

  1. chris ludke Says:

    Real nice job on the curves! I know they’re not easy!

  2. heyjami Says:

    I loved doing that project. Really fun and mine turned out great too.

  3. LTodd Says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. I was never good at sewing armholes on garments. I guess practice really does make perfect.

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