Just Be

I volunteered to work a two-day fundraiser. I left my phone in my purse, didn’t bring a book, and brought a notepad that really was meant for short notes related to the event. “Self,” I said, “just be there. Your other obligations can wait.”

Turns out I gave myself good advice. The other volunteers also decided to focus on the event, so when we did have a lull we actually talked to each other. Given that we were all writers, a few ideas that could lead to short stories popped up (which I dutifully wrote down in the ledger notebook – I know better than to trust I’ll remember good ideas!). That was an extra gift. The real benefit was in being present, paying attention, and slowing down. Give yourself that gift this week if you can, and if not now later in the month. You’re worth the time.

Luck and wisdom!

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2 Responses to “Just Be”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    Who would have thought I’d enjoy the experience so much. As you indicate, it was a time to talk to fellow writers in a different venue. I learned new things about them (I never realized you giggle when you are nervous.) And we made a few dollars for the club. All around a good time. I think we should do it again, but maybe at somebody else’s house next time–spread around the joy.

  2. LTodd Says:

    Great advice. Thanks for the reminder. Of course, the past week has been a forced pause on television, phone calls, and internet access because none of those items worked where we were staying.

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