Road Trip Quilt

I finished another abandoned quilt top. I remember collecting the Route 66 fabric, getting to the ombre border, and losing focus. The fabrics are fun, but not exactly what I need hanging on my wall.

Since the repeats on the fabrics vary, my units are not a standard size. I enjoyed playing with sashing options, but realized after the fact the quilt center would need acres of borders to be a useful bed quilt. The good news is I’m far enough away from acquiring the fabrics that I’m happy to let it go. With a green flange and one final asymmetrical border, the top fits the size requirement set by the guild’s donation quilt committee for a child’s quilt. With any luck, I’ll get to the quilting part in the next month.

Another plus – I’m using this dinosaur skeleton fabric for the backing. I bought it for a gift quilt, but the intended recipient is way past dinosaurs. Time to let another child enjoy it.

Luck and wisdom!

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6 Responses to “Road Trip Quilt”

  1. Jami Perkins Says:

    Wow! Great progress! You’re a machine! I’m being overrun at work right now so at night it’s just about the quiet time. I hope to get back to sewing very soon. I did get my progressive blocks done! yay

  2. timetowritenow Says:

    Perfect backing and a fun quilt for a child.

  3. Gary Lea Says:

    Looks great to me, but I know absolutely nothing about quilts except that they are warm and comfortable. My parents would have loved the road trip quilt. I can see it in their camper in my minds eye.

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