Sailboat Block

One of the Progressive Projects had us doing individual blocks of houses or transportation. This sailboat, although lovely, didn’t fit in the quilt I envisioned with the other blocks. I kept it aside for “the perfect project.” Now it is one of my PIPs (projects in piles), and it will be made into something.

I read that humans like pictures of meadow-like landscapes surrounded by trees because we evolved in that environment. I prefer seascapes to meadow-scapes, but the palm tree fabric gave me the idea of combining the two views. The next problem to solve is how to quilt it. I’m auditioning phrases that incorporate the word ocean or sea so I can use this for the Challenge assignment, “Use Your Words.” Getting double or triple duty out of one block would please me out of all proportion.

Luck and wisdom!

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5 Responses to “Sailboat Block”

  1. Meredith Says:

    As a throwback (of sorts) to Broken Dishes, you could try lyrics from the songs from Moana

  2. LTodd Says:

    Ooh. A sailboat. Wind blows sea spray on my arms and face, rigging slap slaps against the mast, sailcloth ruffles and snaps, and the horizon raises then falls as the boat slices through the water. Dang. I need to go sailing.

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