Beginning the Year with Clutter

At least I can see a bit of carpet!

This is my quilting studio. In fairness, some of the piles are the result of the Christmas clutter, and will be sorted out quickly. The other piles, not so much. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that I can get things under control because several of my projects have firm deadlines and will be leaving the house. That is largely due to the Unfinished Quilt Challenge, where I was once again shown how pathetic I am without deadlines, and accountability. So, I’m telling everyone who will listen and many who won’t that my goal is to get half of the unfinished projects that I can reach finished by the end of 2019. Anyone care to join my challenge?

Luck and wisdom!

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8 Responses to “Beginning the Year with Clutter”

  1. Ann Says:

    Leaving yourself an ‘out’, huh? Half the unfinished projects “….I can reach.” Are there, perhaps, more that you cannot reach? Hmmmm

  2. Jan Says:

    Half? That means more than 50 for me. And several of those are hand quilting. Hmmm. I did finish many of the chosen UFO’s from this year. But I nearly completed other quilts for my class samples; thereby, generating other UFO’s

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Okay, then pick a percentage you think is within the realm of the possible. Or use some other qualifier – notice that I am only dealing with half the projects I can reach. Heaven only knows what I’ll find hiding beneath/behind/tucked inside those project bags!

  3. Elaine Says:

    I’m interested in joining the challenge.
    Tell me more!!!

  4. Joanne Mae Lenigan Says:

    Your “clutter” appears to be quite organized! Horray for you!

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