Good News – There’s A Glitch

Everything was going fine, then there was a glitch.

My comfy chair

The release mechanism on my trusty recliner broke. Knowing that the seat was perfectly usable without the reclining function – and the rest of the sofa was nowhere needing to be replaced – I prepared myself for having to sit like a lady. Then my husband suggested trying to repair the mechanism. He succeeded, and now I can lounge to my heart’s content. I also got a chance to rescue all the beads that had fallen under the chair over the years.

They tried to escape, but I caught up with them

The experience reminded me of the emotions I need to convey in my writing. When a new villain appears out of the blue, how will my protagonist react? What will her first emotion, be? Her second? When will resignation set in, or the conviction that now is the time to fight back? While I’m not saying everything that happens can be translated to our stories one way or another, it never hurts to try.

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2 Responses to “Good News – There’s A Glitch”

  1. hamanne Says:

    I can really relate to the found beads. In my case it’s pencils, popcorn kernels, and paper clips.

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