Read Carefully!

You know one should read directions carefully. You think you have. Guess again.

The Progressive Party project I’m working on this month will end up being a full-size quilt. I read the instructions and saw “make a floral block.” So I did.

The Batchelor’s Button block

The next day, before I finished the last seams of the block, I read the instructions again. This time I noticed that we’re supposed to attach our floral blocks as shown in the diagram. Where was that line the first time I read through it? Okay, it was in the same place and I didn’t notice. Lucky for me, I started the project early and had plenty of time to make the fill-in blocks that go with my floral unit. Also lucky for me, I chose a block that goes into a unit that someone else had started.

My unit, finished and ready to go

The good news is the person after me won’t be shaking her head at my inability to read a simple set of instructions.

Luck and wisdom!

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5 Responses to “Read Carefully!”

  1. Ann Anastasio Says:

    OMG is the progressive group still going? When did you and I start it? Thirty years Ago? More?

  2. heyjami Says:

    I do that too all the time! I read, then re-read and sometimes even a 3rd time. It’s a marvel how the directions change to me over time! Your block turned out great! That’s going to be a great quilt.

  3. timetowritenow Says:

    Directions? Who reads those? 🙂 I love your finished unit, all the different angles and the colors…top notch!

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