Who You Are Supposed To Be

I had an epiphany this week, and here’s the item that started everything in motion.

For years, I have attributed my stuffy nose and sinus problems to autumn allergies. Since so many of my friends and family have much worse symptoms, I just soldiered on and made sure there were tissue boxes in every room of the house. The last couple of years have been a little worse, so I went to the allergy clinic this week to find out what exactly I’m fighting every fall.

Turns out that is a more interesting question than I thought. Turns out I might not have allergies at all but some other issue that presents with similar symptoms but needs to be treated far differently than an allergy.

That was the epiphany moment. Who I am supposed to be isn’t written in stone. I may look like one thing, but be another. My art might suggest it is one thing, but really is another. I need to dig a little deeper and find out who I truly am, what my art actually is about, and present that story to the world. And in case you need a little encouragement, you should give yourself the gift of finding out who you are, and what your art is about.

Luck and wisdom!

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6 Responses to “Who You Are Supposed To Be”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    Thanks for sharing your epiphany. It’s wisdom we can all use. I’m also happy to hear you may be on the trail to end your “allergy” suffering.

  2. Margaret Misegades Says:

    That’s so embarrassing, isn’t it–like finding out you were adopted and are really a princess before the gypsies stole you away from the palace.

  3. sunny lockwood Says:

    I expected to learn that you were allergic to the tissues or the tissue boxes you had put in every room.

  4. timetowritenow Says:

    Funny how our bodies speak to us and push us to do something like “finding out who we really are.” Excellent epiphany, Lani.

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