Chocolate Ice Cream Day and Creativity

According to my made-up food holiday calendar, today is Chocolate Ice Cream Day. As it happens, my favorite ice cream is spumoni, which is a combination of chocolate, pistachio and cherry – a most creative combination.

I mention all this because my creativity has been missing lately. Aside from a few cross-stitch projects, I haven’t been able to get past the (relatively) clean cutting board syndrome, also known as blank page jitters. “Self,” I said, “just go in and cut a strip of fabric. Inspiration will come.” I went into the sewing room, stared at the stacks, and left.

“Self,” I said, “perhaps you are overwhelmed with deadlines. Do something about that, and inspiration will come.” I trotted out my favorite time-management scheme – making lists – and got to work. Most of my deadlines were met, so I went into the sewing room, stared at the stacks, and left.

That’s when I noticed my food holiday calendar, and had a minor epiphany. Yes, beginning a new project always gives me the jitters, yes, I’ve volunteered for another group and I have more deadlines, but my biggest problem was my attitude. I had become obsessed with being efficient, and wasn’t factoring in time to savor relaxation. Even the reading time I allowed myself was tense, because book club night is coming up and I’m not finished with this month’s assignment.

I decided to relish the celebration of Chocolate Ice Cream Day. I will scoop the spumoni into a bowl with the chocolate part on top. I might even add some hot fudge sauce. Then I will stand in front of a decorative magnet I bought long ago, and hope I remember its wisdom. After that, when I am well and truly relaxed, I’ll hit the sewing room again.

Luck and wisdom!

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5 Responses to “Chocolate Ice Cream Day and Creativity”

  1. SallyKimball Says:

    I believe you have the perfect attitude. Have a scoop with sauce for me!

  2. Diane Chambers Says:

    This post really resonated with me. When I am between projects, I sometimes am at a loss as to what to work on. I use the term “between” loosely – not all of my projects are completed so that there is a true lull “between”. Right now I have two tops that need backings and I am not fond of matching and piecing those so I do nothing. Start a new project? Nope. Not allowed. Not until I ready those backings. I set my self arbitrary deadlines and then get stressed when I might not meet them. Ice cream sounds like an excellent solution – and one I employ often. Too often. Think I will surf blogs perhaps…

  3. timetowritenow Says:

    I love your talks with Self. 🙂 This post is a treasure. It made me chuckle.

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