Looking For Design Details

My friend Kat Mulkey gave me a present that I had to share – not the present, but the packaging. Someone went to a lot of trouble to design this box. Notice the details, especially the little feet.

Lidded box with feet

Lidded box with feet

I try to put details in my art that reward the viewer for taking a closer look. I try to put details in my writing that reward the attentive reader. Then I come across something like this little box and I realize what a lazy observer/reader I can be. There are wonderful design details all around me that I take for granted. Things like headlights and taillights sometimes escape my notice because I’m not a car person, but they can be amazing if you really look. Even your home can surprise you if you look.

Hall light fixture

Hall light fixture

I went around the house, examining everything from fixtures to furniture. Presumably I noticed the little design details when we bought the stuff, but dang if I haven’t stopped seeing them. I’m thinking I should start writing myself a note on the calendar to really see the world around me. It isn’t enough to know details are important. You need to remind yourself to look every so often.

Ceramic penny pig with cork nose

Ceramic penny pig with cork nose

Luck and wisdom!

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4 Responses to “Looking For Design Details”

  1. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    Love that pig’s cork nose, sad eyes, and droopy ear. Are those signs of an empty belly, or agony from overeating pennies?

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      The piggy isn’t exactly starving, but would like more pennies. Problem is, I rarely use cash these days, so I don’t have much change! Lani  Lani Longshore https://lanilongshore.wordpress.com Death By Chenille (www.smashwords.com)When Chenille Is Not Enough (www.smashwords.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com)Lani Longshore’s Blog (www.lanilongshore.wordpress.com) Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre (www.brokendishesrepertorytheatre.com)

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  2. norma Says:

    I like the box. just the sort of thing to keep and put bits & pieces in (butthen it needs labelling…)

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