Anxiety Lesson Two

Apparently I didn’t get a good enough grasp on being calm. This was another week of fret fests, although I am delighted to say one issue after another was solved with a minimum of fuss. My family calls me Anxiety Woman, able to leap to the worst possible conclusion in a single bound. In an attempt to train myself to react better next time, I pulled out all my old mantras for courage. Then a new one came my way, in the form of a tee shirt.

Lani Longshore tee shirt

I’m only marginally Celtic, but I’ll take anything that keeps me from running in circles. Even knowing that anger and anxiety are often linked (anger being a fear response in many cases), the shirt makes me laugh, and laughing makes me less anxious, and that’s always a good thing.

Another good thing was finishing one of my Colors of the Vineyard challenges (and I do mean finishing, not abandoning).

Lani Longshore tree

I sewed on the last bead, took a deep breath and said, “Self, this is good.” The sleeve is attached and the label will go on soon.

Lani Longshore tree detail

Even better, it is now a perfectly reasonable time to bring out the Halloween decorations. This year I’m adding a new item.

Lani Longshore pumpkin with crows

The pumpkin is molded from heavy plastic. The beads are ready-made appliques. I couldn’t decide between two of the offerings at the store, crows or bats, so I got both. After all, the pumpkin will be seen from several angles. Why have a blank side when I can have bling everywhere?

Lani Longshore pumpkin with bats

Luck and wisdom!

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5 Responses to “Anxiety Lesson Two”

  1. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    You sure fooled me. I thought you were one of the more reasonable and calm friends I know. Maybe compared to a temperamental Greek! And maybe your black belt should have tipped me off. Here’s to us getting better and better each day in every way…

  2. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    Anxious? You? Can’t believe that. In my late twenties (way, way back) my doctor recommended knitting to calm my anxieties. It works for me. For you, beading does the trick. And that white pumpkin really soothes the soul.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Yup, I’m practically a sergeant in the anxiety brigade. That’s why I listen so intently when others share their coping mechanisms, whether for stress or anxiety or insomnia or craving chocolate or whatever. My friends may not realize how much they’ve contributed to my pursuit of balance and serenity, but I am grateful to you all.

  3. marlenedotterer Says:

    I love that pumpkin!

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