Managing Days Like These

I’m not sure whether my guardian angels are asleep, the household gods are otherwise occupied, or the pixies under the stairs are bored, but for some reason things have been going wrong. Not wrong in the “ohmygod the sky is falling” sense, just “well, that’s something I’d prefer not dealing with at the moment.” For instance, I was making what I thought was great progress on a quilt top when I discovered I hadn’t measured correctly. The good news is I have more fabric for the original project, because the bad news is no amount of reverse engineering will make the units fit. Oh, and now I have a new project (and I’m not certain if that is good news or bad).

Perhaps I can start my architectural series with this mistake

Perhaps I can start my architectural series with this mistake

The other thing that went wrong is really my own fault. I’ve been doing beading on the couch. This is my “set-up.”

Perhaps I should write a book about the lazy woman's guide to beading

Perhaps I should write a book about the lazy woman’s guide to beading

You can see immediately that this is neither a smart nor safe way to keep beads. As often happens, the top came off one of the tubes. The truly amazing news is that the spill was localized, and I rescued at least 99% of the little darlings.

So, what does one do on Days Like These? After I finished pouting, I remembered the mantra of a former boss: “If there are no dead bodies to hide, the problem can be managed.” That’s when I decided to take some time to enjoy the garden.

A lily in the sun

A lily in the sun

This is part of our lily collection. They sit in their beds and bloom their little hearts out.

Beautiful and bizarre, yes?

Beautiful and bizarre, yes?

This is a new plant. We bought it because of the flower, and the vine has rewarded us for our choice.

Just keep growing

Just keep growing

The morning glory is a tough little plant. It simply grows over any obstacles. If I am clever, I will take a lesson from the morning glory, and manage Days Like These by growing, not pouting. Wish me –

Luck and wisdom!

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8 Responses to “Managing Days Like These”

  1. marlenedotterer Says:

    I thought of your mantra when I returned home yesterday and found out I might be without microwave/oven for two weeks. The final verdict is not in yet – the electrician is working on it.

  2. Lani Longshore Says:

    No! These things shouldn’t happen to people who love to cook. I’ll light the sage bundles and do the happy dance for you.

  3. KerryCan Says:

    Yes, we can learn a lot from the morning glory! I hope today is a better day . . .

  4. norma Says:

    Very good mantra – I’ll try to remember that…

  5. hamanne Says:

    Your quilting experience this past week sounds like my computer experience which had me vowing to never ever allow automatic updates again. Lost a printer and introduced a slew of unwanted files. The fix shot me off to India and a grueling time online.

    i like the hang in there like the tough morning glory. We have them crawling up latticework below our deck. They are tough. If I don’t close the door quickly when I go inside, they will come into the house after me.

    Now I can think “be like those flowers taking over my deck.”

  6. Lani Longshore Says:

    Oy! As far as I’m concerned, the scariest words in the English language are “upgrade available.”

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