Really, Really Tiny Baby Steps

I meet challenges one step at a time. Literally. When a new project looks too scary, I do one thing a day. Taking really, really tiny baby steps works for my nerves, but does extend the timeline for my projects. The handbag project is a good example.

The lining pieces are shiny and golden, and that's all that matters

They’re shiny and golden, and that’s all that matters

Although I couldn’t find a pattern that had all the features I wanted, I drafted modifications that should work. Should is such a scary word on so many levels. I took a full day to decide on the fabrics just to avoid starting on step one of the instructions. The lining fabrics came from a package of silkies that waited in a drawer. The pieces aren’t as large as I need, but since they’ll be on the inside who will care?

Lani Longshore handbag hardware

Next came the outer fabrics, which I chose based on the hardware I already owned. That was the first modification, by the way. The pattern calls for a continuous strap, but I wanted to use these clips and D-rings. I found enough scraps of a red linen-like fabric as well as some brown faux leather for the exterior of the bag.

Angled straps, no zipper

Angled straps, no zipper

Here is the first piece I assembled. It came out well enough that I started on the second panel.

Angled straps, wonky zipper

Angled straps, wonky zipper

Notice the zipper on the panel. This is why I nearly failed my home economics class. Zippers and I aren’t exactly mortal enemies, but we for sure aren’t friends. Once I saw how crooked the zipper was I decided my work was done for the day. Tomorrow, seam ripper in hand, I will begin the battle again.

Luck and wisdom!

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2 Responses to “Really, Really Tiny Baby Steps”

  1. Jeanne b Brophy Says:

    Lani, you are keeping me amused as I wait for Jack to come out of surgery. Son, Michael, is here with me but he had found a magazine to read. So that leaves you and me. Thanks for the company, Jeanne

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