Ready For A Brand New Bag

We just returned from visiting family (three states, two flights, one road trip), and while it was a wonderful trip I always return with a subtle sense of dissatisfaction. This isn’t a bad thing, because when I see what other people do with their houses and gardens I often realize my house or garden could look much cuter with a few simple changes. This year, my sense of dissatisfaction is centered on my handbag. It is getting on in years, so I knew I would have to replace it sooner rather than later. My travel bag has all these zippered pockets that are delightful and efficient, but I haven’t seen anything for at-home use that seems right. “Self,” I said, “you might just have to make your own handbag.”

The clutter doesn't stop in the sewing room

The clutter doesn’t stop in the sewing room

I bought a couple of patterns that sorta kinda maybe have the features I want. With a little mixing and matching, perhaps I could come up with an plan. If any of you know of the perfect pattern, please pass on the information!

My starting point

My starting point

Once I find (or adapt) a pattern, I’ll have to decide on materials. I once thought of making a handbag from the collection of fabric pictured below, but now I’m not so sure. Perhaps the silkies would be better as a lining than an outer shell. Dang, I might have to force myself to go fabric shopping.

These patient packets may finally have their turn to shine

These patient packets may finally have their turn to shine

Luck and wisdom!

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One Response to “Ready For A Brand New Bag”

  1. Ann A. Says:

    FORCED, mind you, FORCED to go fabric shopping!

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