The Bird Workshop

Kevin Kosbab came to Amador Valley Quilters and gave a machine applique workshop. Now, I’ve never had much luck with machine applique. Also, I’ll do anything to avoid packing up my sewing machine and lugging it to workshops. The flyer said hand appliquers would be welcome, however, so I went. “Self,” I said, “perhaps if you watch other people do machine applique you’ll find the courage to defy your anti-technology fears and fiddle with the dials on your machine.” Besides, the pattern he was teaching was of cute birds.

Lani Longshore cute birds

Since I was going to be the non-compliant student anyway, I decided to applique my birds on a background the Progressive Party made for me rather than a set of individual blocks like the pattern requested. Luckily for me, Kevin is a generous and flexible teacher. He was just fine with my non-compliance, gave me some great tips for hand applique, and liked the project I did.

Even better, he had some cool stuff to sell (aside from his cute patterns), so now I have more thread and another lovely piece of fabric for embroidery and beading.

Lani Longshore threads

There was another Progressive Party background on my design wall (with fabric I’m auditioning for a border or two). I put the bird project up there to photograph, and realized I am now in my gray period.

Works in progress, always more works in progress

Works in progress, always more works in progress

I have no idea why I’m collecting gray when I used to collect pink. To be honest, if the work comes out well, I’m not going to complain. Something in the universe is telling me to explore new avenues, so that’s what I’ll do. Who knows, I might even try some machine applique.

Luck and wisdom!

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5 Responses to “The Bird Workshop”

  1. norma Says:

    Cute pattern!

  2. Lani Longshore Says:

    I think so, too, even if my mom said the orange bird looked like it has the measles. She thought it was funny, but honestly, I didn’t notice until she pointed it out.

  3. Thea Says:

    love the pieced background – perfect for those bright cheerful birds!
    so much more interesting than plain background!

  4. Kevin Kosbab Says:

    Such a pleasure to meet you and see your take on the birds! I’ve been on a grey kick for backgrounds too – you’ve inspired me to try some pieced backgrounds.

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