Road Show Quilts

It turns out there was one more piecing project before I tackled the quilting stack. This one is the second in a series of road quilts. I didn’t intend to do such a series, but all I need is one more to add to this one and the Turquoise Trail quilt and I’ve got myself a Road Show Quilts series.

Lani Longshore Rte 66 top

I had two pieces of Route 66 fabric in the Southwest collection. Two small pieces. With a really busy pattern. Then Maya Madhavan suggested I make a quilt from my masonry experience, and that gave me an idea for using this busy fabric.

Lani Longshore Rte 66 detail

When I finished the top, another idea popped in my head. I’ve wanted to explore map quilts ever since I read the book Maphead by Ken Jennings. There’s a great chapter about how the Polynesians drew maps showing ocean currents with twigs and islands with rocks. I’m also collecting fabric for a series of space quilts. Why not combine the two? While I’m at it, why not incorporate those quilts into the fourth book Ann Anastasio and I have planned for our Chenille series. Yes, I know, we’re still working on the third book, The Chenille Ultimatum, but we have a title and ideas for the fourth (The Captain and Chenille, quilters exploring space with lovably crazy aliens). It could work, and in my copious free time I’ll get around to it.

In the meantime, here’s the stack of quilt tops begging for attention.

Lani Longshore unquilted tops

Luck and wisdom!

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