The Charging Station, Fluffy, and Me

We recovered enough to finish a project. My husband’s new car is a Chevy Volt (which I named Fluffy), and he wanted to build a charging station for it, surrounded by brick planter boxes.

The charging station and flanking planter boxes

The charging station and flanking planter boxes

I offered to help, assuming I would be bringing him tools, bricks, and ice water. Turns out he was feeling healthy enough to teach me about masonry. I became the crew chief in charge of vertical joints. Despite the fact that I can’t frost a cake for love or money, I did manage to learn how to keep the mortar where it belonged.

My work

My work

The charging station got its final inspection today, and we passed. The inspector thought the electrical plan was very good, and was quite complimentary on my husband’s carpentry. He didn’t mention the planter boxes, but I am proud of my vertical joints all the same.

Next step, buying plants

Next step, buying plants

Thanks to all of you who sent out good thoughts for my recovery. As long as the tree pollen is high, I’ll still be sniffling, but at least I am starting back on my projects.

Luck and wisdom!

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7 Responses to “The Charging Station, Fluffy, and Me”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    I’m impressed. Not only with your husband’s carpentry, but also with your vertical joints and planter boxes. Yea, Lani.

  2. Maya Says:

    It looks great – good work all round!!

  3. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    Okay! You are way too cool. I can frost a cake though. When it comes to building, I’m typically the hod carrier.😜

  4. Ann A. Says:


    • Lani Longshore Says:

      The way my husband told the inspector was interested in the electric car, it reminded me of the scene from the first Harry Potter movie when Hagrid says, “Well, of course he was interested in Fluffy! How often do you see a three-headed dog, even if you’re in the trade?” I said we should name the car Fluffy, and he didn’t say no, so there it is.

  5. Margaret Says:

    Then it demands something fluffy to go in the interior. Fuzzy dice?

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