Parks 2 – The Yellowstone Potholder Kit

We had a family reunion in Yellowstone years ago. I bought a kit of four panels reproducing old posters from the park. The kit came with instructions to make potholders. Seriously? These are way too cute for potholders.

Lani Longshore yellow art quilt

I inserted the blue cording, and will couch it with beads. There may be more beads, but I’ll decide that later.

Lani Longshore red-green art quilt

The red-green quilt may get some beaded animal appliques that I got from a friend who was moving. Or maybe buttons. Or maybe both.

Lani Longshore work in progress

I’m still auditioning fabric for the last two panels. This one may be close to the sewing stage. At any rate, I’m having a lot more fun making small art quilts than potholders.

Luck and wisdom!

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3 Responses to “Parks 2 – The Yellowstone Potholder Kit”

  1. Mary Gates Says:

    Definitely too cute for potholders! And beads and buttons on potholders make the pots unsteady. I like the art quilts much better.

  2. Lani Longshore Says:


  3. bobbiekinkead Says:


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