Piled Higher and Deeper

The Connections Challenge project is taking on a life of its own. I have two more tops to show how ideas evolve, which will also go on the ever-growing beading pile.

I used a modified four-block structure

I used a modified four-block structure

This top started with leftovers. I pieced strips of the handpainted silk into a block, then added other fabrics that spoke to me at the time.

Lani Longshore challenge top B

This piece started with leftovers from the leftovers. I didn’t have any silk, but there was one nice square of the pink Japanese-style floral remaining. I added a leftover block from a Progressive project that I surrounded with the greyed green floral. The piece begged for a different direction, and I pulled some fabrics I thought I could make fit. Then my inner critic spoke up, so I put the collection aside until my art quilt critique group meeting. They agreed the piece needed a different direction, but not that different. Back to the sewing room I went, found some batiks and shiny ribbon, and now we’re all happy.

These will get a project of their own - maybe

These will get a project of their own – maybe

These are the fabrics that my critiquer friends persuaded me not to use. They were right. I look at them now and wonder what I was thinking. Word of advice – if you don’t have a group of artists in your area that gathers regularly to give helpful suggestions on each other’s work, create one. There’s nothing like having other eyes examine your design to help you improve and grow. Yes, their suggestions resulted in more stuff on the beading pile, which is already high and deep, but it’s worth it.

Luck and wisdom!

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