Start With One Cut

I’ve been avoiding the sewing room. The combination of no immediate deadlines and too many potential projects to choose from sapped all my creative energy. I felt as if I had stumbled into a candy shop just after finishing a wonderful meal – I wasn’t hungry enough to choose anything. The longer I wait to start a new project, however, the harder it is to do. “Self,” I said, “grab the fabric at hand and start with one cut.”

Scraps  and stuff

Scraps and stuff

These scraps sat on my design wall for months. I thought they might look nice together, but didn’t know what format to use. Art quilt? Craft project? Book cover? Tote bag? I decided to start sewing and hope a purpose presented itself.

I cut the class sample and bordered the cross-stitch

I cut the class sample and bordered the cross-stitch

Purpose did not appear, but the need for more fabric did. Situations like this are why I have the scrap bin under the design wall.

A good ending waiting for another beginning

A good ending waiting for another beginning

This is where I am now. It is finished enough to move off the design wall. I might embellish it. I might submit it to the Progressive Party for them to work some magic. I might put it in a very safe place and forget all it about.

Luck and wisdom!

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6 Responses to “Start With One Cut”

  1. eadouglas Says:

    I never thought of making a quilt with a cross stitch piece. Great idea!

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Thanks! I’ve seen some pieces where the cross-stitch is the focal point, others where it is one of many design elements. Treat the cross-stitch the same way you would a different weight fabric and the quilt will behave.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Luck and Wisdom and Success!

  3. timetowritenow Says:

    Whenever I put something in a safe place, I always forget where the safe place is.

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