Mixed Mayhem

I always knew there was a reason Meg Hanlon and I are friends. She was my first friend in my third high school, and the first person to write about her own act of vandalism with flamingos.

Meg and her dog

Meg and her dog

She and her youngest sister put a pair of flamingos on their front yard while their parents were out of town. “It was hysterical. Dad blamed Aunt J and we never told him any different.” Ah, yes, the mayhem of youth. Well played, Meg, well played.

Beads on parade

Beads on parade

No flamingo projects came to mind this week, but I did manage to finish a mixed media project. I kept the brown beads on the same string on which they came. I still can’t tell if they’re flowers or octopi. I don’t think it matters. The other pieces were within reach on the craft table, and promised me they would play nice together.

Luck and wisdom!

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